“You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t!”


Katch 22" is a collective of artists and musicians that work together to create a unique blend of music. The name of our live band is 'A Band In Mint Issues'!

Our Indigenous-based blues-hip hop group is a direct reflection of who we are as people in our respective communities. Having lived through experiences battling mental health challenges (PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression) and substance abuse; we now spread hope, unity and connection. We feel the only way to combat the problem is with the help of a strong community built on love, tolerance and like-minded individuals.

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We now live life with a purpose in which we are forever grateful; to spread hope, connection, and unity with the message that “We All Matter”.

We all deserve a beautiful life. We all deserve love and acceptance of self. We strive to end the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health through practicing our traditional and cultural ways of healing to shed light on a dark damaged subject. Healing will break the cycles of inter-generational trauma that have plagued our people for centuries.

It is discovered through a collaboration of the knowledge of our elders and the spirit of future generations, and their message, as the unity between those two holds the key to infinite possibilities amongst our communities. We all matter, and we all have the knowledge and spirit inside of us to guide us to a higher living.

The trouble is connecting to this spirit. This is the main reason we write. It is the why of our creating. To identify with the toxicity that blinds and smothers us and keeps us from unity with the spirit of love that is within us all. Our trauma separates us from others.

Our music allows us to connect with others without ever having to see them in person; it connects us all. It connects us with ourselves. It gives us a place to place our pain, anger, hurt, and fear, and when we can disengage with those feelings as the core of who we are, we then experience an understanding that we are not these things. They may be part of our experience, but they do not own us.

With this comes a peace and joy we pray to bring to all who desire it! The logic is simple and powerful. Transparency is the key to long lasting healthy relationships. Once the people start to heal, the problem ceases to be a problem. We are not here to fight problems, but to honor a simple truth, and that truth is we all matter.

All our relations far and near, we are with you in spirit.



Andrew Pahl

Jesse DeWispelaere

Kaurbyn Pahl

Kathryn Chaudet

Nelson Sanrud

Gordon Sanrud

Darren MacDonald

Greg Weller